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Misadventures of Stash: Epilogue

(Originally posted January 17, 2005)

The title, "Misadventure of Stash" is a bit misleading. I'm sure that none of my former bandmates would approve of such a title. But many of the things we did were reckless, stupid, but perhaps normal for guys in their late teens. anyway, let's set the record straight.

Fact or Fiction?
RachelsMommyIt's all bullshit. You were a straight-A dweeb who didn't even know what a doobie was!!! lolOkay, I admit it. I was a dweeb. But I knew what a doobie was, and I could even roll one, although not very well. And it ain't all bullshit.

enygma81Oh my gosh. Don't tell me you made all of this up.
No, I did not make it up. Indeed, it is almost entirely true, although some of the facts have been changed to protect the innocent.

lionneA little hard to swallow that the car was retrieved without more fuss, but I'll go for it. Ah, the misadventures of youth. My story is probably miles different than yours but, like you, I often think "if they only knew."
I know. If I didn't experience it, I wouldn't believe it myself. But the cars was retrieved uneventfully, thank God.
the_greatest_pipit could go either way, and i'm too much of a wuss to guess. i'm already wrong enough of the time--why would i want to be wrong again?Don't be a wuss; be a man. The three above you were even women enough to be men...
jerjonjilol.... there's no way you could make this up! i have a friend who says "why would i make up stuff when my own life has plenty of things happening in it?"Indeed, why would I make things up?
miket_the_kidIt all sounds pretty damn ridiculous, but you know.... why the hell not? I'm gonna go ahead and say it's truth, but man will I feel foolish if I'm wrong.
Don't feel foolish. It is the truth, well at least, my version of it.
CazzaCIt's so crazy it's gotta be true!!
Indeed. Fact is often stranger than fiction.
ChiisanaHoshiFact, or else you're a good story teller.
Thanks, but could I be telling the truth and still be a good story teller?
kizyrI think almost all of it's true, except one part. I think you're switching your and Bazooka's role.I didn't own a Duster. I owned a Camaro.
gokingsgohilarious! i say it's somewhat fiction based on loose facts. your friends had funny nicknames.They didn't have nicknames, really, I made them up. Bazooka? No one has a nickname like that unless you're a bubble gum character. But it rhymes with his real name. Diddly was the drummer. If you know anything about drums, you'd know that there are different rhythm patterns with names such as paradiddle and flamadiddle. Hence, Diddly. Our singer loved to get high, but he also had a voice like an angel. Also, he wasn't JA. He was of Mexican descent, but he had clse ties with Japanese American's in East L.A. Anyway, "voice" in Spanish is "vos." I chose Dragon's name because he has trained in the martial arts. I figure he had a degree of confidence when he went into that bar. Indeed, he has taken his abilities to Hollywood. I've seen him in movies such as Lethal Weapon 3 (the one with Jet Li), in The Crow. If you watch the Bourne Supremacy DVD, Matt Damon states in Special Feathures that Dragon instructed him in the moves for the apartment fight scene. If you see it, he's the guy with the long hair and fumanchu.
Anyway, the incident had its share of consequences. Bazooka could never forgive Vos and he ended up quitting his role as manager, which was too bad because its always nice to have a big, burly guy representing you.
Bazooka and Dragon were pretty close friends so when Bazooka quit, Dragon followed soon after. Dragon was kind of a lady killer back then and so when he left, half of our demographics went with him.
Vos had to drive around in his crunched up Beetle for quite awhile. The front trunk was bent out of shape and one of the headlights was facing upwards. We always knew whic car was his at night because when he went under a bridge, he lit up its underside.
As for me, I learned a number of things besides never to smoke and drive. The most important for me back then was that tough and macho does attract women. We guys hear about women who like the peaceful type, the introspective gentle kind of guy. But appears to be a myth. Women want men who can protect them. Or at least those are the vibes I get even today. How often have I seen women who claim to be liberated roll their eyes when hearing about a man who could not protect his interests or his woman. After I told M the story, she looked at me and asked me if I would have had the guts to do what Dragon did. I said in all honesty, No way. All she did was give me that I figured as much look. *sigh*

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